Description of the server.

Server rates:

- EXP/SP x50

- Adena-x100

- Drop - x1

- Drop Chance 20%

- Spoil - x20

- Seal Stone-x20

- RB Drop x2

- Epic RB Drop: x1

- Quest Drop: x1

- Quest Reward - x1

- Manor - x1

Premium account:

- Magic Weapon Enchant-20%

- Weapon Enchant-20%

- Armor Enchant-20%

- Adena Rate-20%

- Drop Rate-20%

- Spoil Rate-20%

- Exp Rate-20%

- Sp Rate-20%

- Craft Rate-20%

* Warning! Premium account in the group works only with the proviso that all party members have a premium account!

Team. menu:

Bafer, master Class, registration on TVT, Statistics,

Buy premium account.

Bind account: IP, HWID.

On / Off: Autoload, Experience, private chat Lock.

Terms of trade:

The main trading area is Giran.

Offline trading is included in .menu price: 500,000 Aden.


The cost of the first profession is 10.000 Adena.

The cost of the second profession is 1.000.000 Adena.

Third, the profession seems to.:

Quest item of Alanya Ketra/Varka are sold in the GM shop.

The reward for getting the third profession is 1 Giant's Codex.

Sub classes and nubles:

- Sub-Class quest item sold in GM shop.

- Simplified quest Noblesse. The reagents are sold in GM Shop.

- Respawn Noblesse RB = 5 hours. (+-60 minutes).

- Noblesse RB and security level-80.

- Additional drop Top-Grade Life Stone 1 piece 100%, book of giants 1 piece 100%.

*To obtain Staff with Nobl RB on the quest, you have to be on the SAB class 75+ level.


- The duration of the Olympics: from 18:00 to 24: 00 Moscow time.

- The Olympic period is 1 month.

- Extracurricular fights require 3 player registrations.

- Class battles require 5 player registrations.

- The minimum number of fights to get into the list of fighting for the title of hero-9. Of these, the minimum number of victories-1.

TVT Event:

Time: every day at 20: 00 GMT.

The duration of the event is 5 minutes.

Winning team: 1 festival Adena.

Information: the battle team against team.

Raid Boss:

- Respawn normal Raid Boss 24 hours.

Added in Drop 75+: Blessed Scroll Enchant Grade: B, A, S from 1-3pcs

Grand Boss:

- The level of all Epik RB and 80 LVL protection.

- Core spawn time = 24 Hours.

- Orfen respawn time = 24 Hours.

- Queen Ant spawn time = 24 Hours.

- Respawn time = 48 Hours.

- Frinezza respawn time = 49 Hours.

- Baium respawn time = 120 Hours.

- Antharas respawn time = 192 Hours.

- Valakas revival time = 264 Hours.

Drop chance: Core, Orfen, Queen Ant = 30%.

All the other epic bosses according to the official server.


The number of slots allowed under the buff 35

Completely classic buff free for 1 hour.


- Removed penalties for leaving a Clan.

- Removed penalties on a withdrawal from the Alliance.

- With the exception of dissolution of a clan = 1 day.

- Maximum number of players in clan 45

- Clan skills are all the characters in the clan, regardless of rank.

Additional information:

- Mammon and Pushkin feature available in GM Shop

- The chance of Augmentation on the server is:

Low-Grade A 1% Mid-Grade 3%; High-Grade Of 7%; The Top-Grade Of 10%.

- Top Grade Life Stone 76 fall from Tyrannosaurs with a 50% chance.

- Safe sharpening +3.

- Safe sharpening of the whole armor +4.

- Maximum sharpening for weapons -25, armor-15, jewelry 15.

- In the GM shop you find all up to A grade.

- S grade is extracted using crafting, recipes and components you can buy for Aden.

- Automatic the study of all skills.

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